Our founder

Bhela Vatwani, born and brought up in Surat, Gujarat, when moved up to her marital home in Rajasthan launched A Taste of Traveller in 2020.

       Being from a city of textile and her keen interest in designing since her bachelor years has led her to the core idea of brand. Her love towards travelling and photography has always helped her evolve the idea of playing with prints and different fabrics from all around. With comfort being her priority has not let style walk away from the club. She has always managed to bring up the garment that not only speaks about your body language but also about your personality. 

All About Us

A taste of traveller’s is a fashion brand whose roots lie in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Pushkar being Travellers paradise attracts tourists from across the globe. And their interest in exquisite fashion of Rajasthan lead us to idea of the brand that is based on the spirituality of Pushkar confluence with touch of Rajasthani colorful culture. Henceforth, the name a taste of traveller. It’s an extension brand of Holi fashion (Established since 1988). Since July 2020 we set up our market online because we don’t want fashion to be limited just to its origin. Therefore apart from our own country we have delivered our fashion to US, UK, France, Australia and 10+ countries. What makes A Taste of traveller stand out is the use of Rajasthani block print on the global designs. Hence the final product is perfect blend of international fashion with dash of Rajasthani culture. Product ranges from clothing, home décor, accessories and much more.


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